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The foundation course is an academic year of preparation for entry into a British University. It will provide you with the general skills necessary to survive academic life.

Why should you attend a Foundation Year?

Once you have chosen a university course, especially if you have not attended school in the UK, you may need to review certain topics and expand your skills and knowledge.

If you do not meet University entry requirements or you have very little learning experience in the subject you have chosen. When you have successfully completed a Foundation year then you can gain entry on to an undergraduate programme.

If you are wondering what is a foundation year and which one you should choose, continue reading.

What is a foundation year and how to choose the perfect one.

The foundation year is designed to provide theoretical foundations on the chosen subject but also the general skills for academic life.

Through a Foundation Year you will improve:

  • Writing Skills. You will learn how to write essays and prepare presentations and other types of assignments.
  • Technological Skills. It is important to be able to effectively use a digital education system. Nowadays, you must be able to use a computer effortlessly and the different kind of applications.
  • English Language Skills. If you are not a native English speaker you will need to have a minimum level of language proficiency to attend an undergraduate university course. Through the Foundation Year you will improve your English and reach the level you need.

 Which foundation course should you attend?

The foundation courses provide introductory lectures on the chosen subject areas. On the other hand, if you have not already chosen a faculty, a foundation year could be very helpful.

NCIUL offers the following foundation year courses:

  • Foundation Year in Management Studies. If your dream is to study Management and international business, this is the foundation year you require. The course is divided into two semesters: during the first one you will be introduced to the management world, you will learn how to write an essay using an academic language and will improve your computer skills. During second semester, you will use what you have previously learnt and apply it in order for you to complete an individual project about economical subjects.
  • Foundation Year in Psychology. During the first semester of this foundation year, you will be introduced to Psychology and you will learn the general skills to attend university. The second semester will be more specific and will elaborate on the following topics: Development in the Lifespan and cyberpsychology.
  • Foundation Year in Politics and International Relations. In order to attend a degree course in political science it is essential to have knowledge of contemporary history, which will be taught to you during the first semester of this foundation year. For the second semester, you will study the themes of Global Politics and Principles of International Relations.

You can learn more about what is foundation year and why study a Foundation Year at NC IUL, click here.

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