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What is social gaming?

Initially the definition of social gaming meant those games that are aimed at sharing data or results, without requiring a real interconnection in the game, and stimulating the “competition” in a way that is always strictly friendly. The potentials of this phenomenon has pushed the companies of production and management of the various games, to propose more and more massively on social networks.

In the last period, there has been a strong diffusion of video games characterized by an active participation of the game, with the creation of groups or factions. In this kind of video games collaboration and sharing of objectives is the only aspect that can lead to the growth of all the participants, to win advantages, prizes and awards.

In the video games world, 2017 has been the year of the explosion of Virtual Reality, the mobile gaming industry has exceeded $ 50 billion in sales, compared to $ 30 billion for console games.

The video games market continues to record growing numbers, this business has attracted over time the interest of the tech giants, such as Apple, Amazon and the Chinese Tencent.

The latest investment in the segment of video games comes from Google.

The Mountain View giant is working on a new startup project for shared gaming called Google Arcade. This startup works within Area 120, the Alphabet home incubator that funds the growth of new talents and ideas within the company.

Last March during Game Developers Conference 2018 the famous developer Zach Gage, said that “the games have never had the reach they have now”. And according to Gage “the merit goes to App Store and these magical devices that are now in everyone’s pocket”.

Another field that is expected to grow significantly in the coming years is virtual reality and augmented reality. We can all remember “The Pokémon Go” phenomenon, in 2017 Niantic’s title sold more than all the virtual reality games put together. The application generated revenue of over $ 850 million, which is why Apple is enjoying the beneficial effects of this exponential growth. The number of applications dedicated to augmented reality on the iPhone has multiplied and downloads have reached 13 million, half of it concerns video games.

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