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Programme Start Date
September 2020/ January 2021
Programme Duration
Full-Time 3 Years
Part-Time 6 Years
Application Deadline
September Intake: 24 August
January Intake: 7 December

UCAS – Institution’s Code

Modes of delivery

At NCIUL , when you apply to enrol you can choose between two different modes of delivery. You can choose to enrol as a distance learners or as a Face-to-Face students, either in a full-time or part-time mode of study.

As a Face-to-Face student, you will experience a traditional UK learning environment, within an international context attending lectures and seminars in our London classrooms. You will have access to a variety of physical and online resources. Assessment will be continuous and will consist of both formative and summative assignments, some of which will be completed individually and some will be completed as a team.

As a Face-to-Face student, you will also have access to our online modules and related materials as you will have a personal login to enter our exclusive VLE (virtual learning environment) platform.

On our VLE platform, you will have access to other online resource centers (for example virtual library or link to databases and e-journal subscriptions), as well as chat room/forum groups to interact with other students, regardless of their status (both face-to-face and distance learning students).

Alternatively, as a Distance Learning Student, you may prefer a more flexible study schedule, as you may live abroad or due to personal and/or work commitments. Then, most of your educational experience would be through our VLE platform providing you with plenty of opportunities to interact with tutors, members of staff and other students, as well as access to our materials.

As a distance learner, you will be able to connect with online and traditional peers through a chat room/forum feature in your VLE Personal Page, and be able to build invaluable skills through collaborative assessment, such as team challenges and team projects. In order to ensure fairness, quality and equity between these different modes of delivery, distance learners may be able to attend intensive seminars planned during weekends, or whenever possible, through other means in real time. Our academic staff will grant you the opportunity to have the same quality of education that face-to-face students have tailoring our materials on your needs.

Regardless of your status as a student either face-to-face or distance learner, you can apply for a full time or part time programme.

If you need to, you have the option of changing your mode of delivery from face-to-face to distance learning/full-time to part-time or vice versa at the beginning of each academic year. Please contact the Student Office to discuss these changes.