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international politics
Home » Courses » Undergraduate Degrees » BA (Hons) International Politics

Programme Start Date
September 2020/ January 2021
Programme Duration
Full-Time 3 Years
Part-Time 6 Years
Application Deadline
September Intake: 24 August
January Intake: 7 December

UCAS – Institution’s Code

BA (Hons) International Politics

In today’s complex world modern states need political leaders, IR specialists, and active global citizens capable to find ways to adapt nations to new challenges and changing relations so as to provide their people the core values of security, freedom, justice and welfare.
This degree is designed to teach you about the interconnected levels of politics – from local to national and international – and benefit from an intellectually stimulating programme which will give you an advanced understanding of global politics in the contemporary world. The programme is centered on enhancing students’ knowledge of key theories and complex issues in international politics. Through academic excellence and a work based approach, the curriculum aims to offer all the fundamental skills and professional development that future professionals in the field may require. You will investigate issues such as the role of the United States and the United Nations, financial crises, Middle East politics, genocide, humanitarian intervention, terrorism and fundamentalism.

This programme is designed to form future embassy and foreign service officers, political aides, journalists, media analysts, policy advisors, market researchers, speech writers, charity officers, foreign aid workers, fundraisers, and scholars.
We also care for the future employment choices of students. Due to the very wide range of international relations careers, our Student Placement Office informs students of internship opportunities at private and public sector and non-profits organisations throughout the year.

International Politics Degree: why study at NCIUL ?

In an era of unprecedented social and political upheaval in the modern world the study of international politics is highly relevant.

Our programme introduces students to the role that political ideologies have played in shaping our understanding of international politics in the past and today. You will also learn about the description and explanation of power, alliances, regionalism, European, US, Asian, and Middle Eastern politics, international security, the role of international organisations, trade, globalisation and the transformation of the political community.

Our BA in International Politics promotes critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity with respect to international politics.

At NCIUL  you will learn from the leading research of faculty staff in their specialist areas from “Post-Communist Russia”, “International Political Economy” to “American Politics” and “Government and Politics of China”. That will enable you to acquire an advanced understanding of contemporary social, political and economic issues.

We are located in London, the global hub of international non-governmental organisations, international finance, and trans-Atlantic relations, which puts us at the heart of the UK’s political and business life and at the centre of academic London.

Also NCIUL ’s location will enable you to participate in lectures, workshops, talks and political events in the capital and expand your knowledge beyond the classroom.

This vibrant city will allow you to combine your studies with an interesting social and cultural life.