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Undergraduate Degrees
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Undergraduate Degrees

NCIUL‘s undergraduate degrees are ideal for all UK and international students. Our courses are designed both for those who want to study in the UK on our campus, and for those who prefer to study online, combining study, work and other priorities.

NCIUL is a progressive and innovative HE provider based in central London, close to Canary Wharf. Excellence in training is at the heart of NCIUL , a tradition taken from its Italian soul. In fact, Unicusano is one of the main Italian academic institutions with excellent research laboratories and a forward-thinking approach to online training. 

How long is an undergraduate degree?

Our degree programmes are of three-years duration. We offer both BA Hons degree and BSc Hons degree. In detail we offer:

  • Undergraduate Business Degree: our course develops knowledge and deepens the skills required in the managerial, economic, business, legal and quantitative areas of reference. It will also provide valuable employability skills with a problem solving, practice-based approach. The BA Hons Global Management and International Business offers future professionals in globally competitive markets, the know how to embrace change and uncertainty in order to innovate. Its links with globalisation, a continental context, and problem solving approach based on the use of innovative real life scenarios, gives the program a strong identity that differs from the more traditional UK and international programmes.
  • Undergarduate International Relations Degree: our BA (Hons) International Politics promotes critical thinking, problem solving and creativity in relation to international politics. The study program is structured with interdisciplinary training in juridical, economic, political, social and historical fields, which allow students to appropriately deal with problems and processes typical of society. The course includes complex and dynamic scenarios to broaden the depth of knowledge and experience of socio-economic and political dynamics.
  • Undergraduate Degree in Psychology: our BSc Hons Psychology Degree aims to encourage students to develop a basic knowledge on the main themes of psychology and the related methods of investigation. The curriculum is structured in such a way as to include contents that allow the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and practical-application skills in the cognitive-emotional and psycho-physiological processes of behavior.

Undergraduate Degrees Admission

Our undergraduate degrees are:

Admission to NCIUL undergraduate programmes are based upon an assessment of an applicant’s suitability and potential. Application deadlines follow the Academic Calendar.

Why study online degree courses UK with us?

The benefits of studying online with us:

  • Support and guidance by our tutors.
  • We provide you with resources including video lectures, case studies, class forums
  • Study from any location and build connections with other students.
  • NCIUL distance courses are ideal for those with a variety of priorities whilst still wishing to study.

Why study face to face degree course with us?

The benefits of studying face to face with us:

  • Support and guidance by our tutors
  • You will have access to all modern facilities including a modern study environment, teaching facilities and classrooms at our London campus.
  • We provide you with resources, including video lectures, case studies, class forums and our eLearning Portal

Enrol now at NCIUL  and enjoy the many benefits of studying with us!