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msc psychology
Home » Courses » Postgraduate Degrees » MSc Psychology

Programme Start Date
September 2020/ January 2021
Programme Duration
Full-time 1 year
Part-time 2 years
Application Deadline
September Intake: 24 August
January Intake: 7 December

UCAS – Institution’s Code

MSc Psychology


Psychology is the study of people, their thoughts, feelings, motivations and behaviours. Trying to understand these processes we can develop a greater appreciation for human development at all stages of life. Students who complete a Psychology degree are well prepared for a career in almost any profession, since studying Psychology leads to the acquisition of transferable abilities such as communication, numeracy, teamwork, critical thinking, computing and independent learning skills.
A Psychology degree is increasingly valued by employers who appreciate the analytical and reasoning skills developed in a Psychology programme. According to the recent statistics on the Prospects website ( – a website supported by the Higher Education Careers Services Unit), around two thirds of Psychology graduates are in employment in the UK six months after graduating, while almost a quarter undertake further study or combine further study with work. Studying a discipline that develops a broad range of skills in science and creativity, creates opportunities with a variety of employers.
The MSc programme will expose students to specialist study in key aspects of developmental, social and cognitive Psychology and will offer a solid basis for all students in their professional development, giving them a clear understanding of the career path they will choose. The programme is constantly updated to introduce new insights from the theory as developed in the field by practitioners and scholars.
Learners will develop a range of cognitive, communication and social skills, creating a learning environment that is receptive to the needs and views of students and encourages them to achieve their full potential. Students will work together in small groups on projects and will be aided by course assistants, teaching fellows, and faculty members in a collaborative and non-competitive working environment.
The programme is delivered by international academic staff with solid experience in their subject areas. All our core teaching faculty members are active researchers, attesting to the belief that the best pedagogy comes from the faculty actively engaged in knowledge production themselves.
The MSc Psychology is a taught programme that offers you the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills you need for advanced professional training in psychology (for example Clinical Psychology or Educational Psychology).
With an MSc degree at NCIUL  you will develop a range of sophisticated psychological research method skills that will open career opportunities in research, including research assistant posts and doctoral research training. The MSc programme will also introduce you to the distinctive research methods and positions associated with the discipline.
Innovation and academic research feeds into our modules, reflecting a growing and diverse global community. Our research active staff are responding to the very latest international events, so module contents are very timely.

Why study MSc Psychology at NCIUL ?

Our MSc Psychology is a conversion programme for graduates from disciplines other than Psychology who wish to gain GBC (Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership). This is the first step for those who wish to pursue a career as a Chartered Psychologist in the UK. Our master programme allows prospective students to study 180 credits of Psychology for the MSc award. GBC ensures that a student has sufficient knowledge, understanding and experience of academic Psychology before they apply for postgraduate professional training in areas such as clinical, occupational, educational or counselling psychology.

The programme is designed to meet the accreditation standards of the British Psychological Society (BPS) as providing the Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership.

Our MSc Psychology is a one year programme, which provides students with in-depth, interdisciplinary knowledge of human behaviour. The structure of our MSc ensures that students gain the expertise and training required for the choices of careers they make upon graduation.

The programme has been designed with two distinctive features in mind: a more traditional programme in Psychology that is reflected in the choice of materials, case studies and topics analysed such as that gives our students a chance to apply theoretical knowledge to assessment and treatment of mental health problems.

Our MSc Psychology promotes critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity skills with respect to psychology research and practice.

Another great advantage of studying Psychology at NCIUL is the opportunity of getting a UK psychology degree either by face-to-face tuition or distance learning. Indeed, NCIUL is specialised in providing distance learning programmes. In other words, we welcome both face-to-face and distance learning students providing a high standard of quality education and personal/academic support for those who are distance learners as well for those who fallow a traditional educational path.

At NCIUL  teaching is research led, ensuring that what you will learn from specialists in areas and about topics such as cognitive psychology, which will enable you to acquire an advanced understanding of contemporary as well as the theoretical, conceptual and methodological perspectives relating to the study of the mind. We are located in London; this vibrant city will allow you to combine your studies with an interesting social and cultural life.