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Academic support


During your studies you will be taking part in a vibrant student experience, on a safe and welcoming campus and online community. During your time at NCIUL we’ll do everything we can to support you.

Support for students is provided through different mechanisms. These include free access to several educational facilities to enable studying and socialisation; provision of a student handbook where to find all sorts of helpful information, course materials, library and computer centre, online interactive intranet,  access to the university support service and availability of all staff during office hours are other advantages. Lecturers are happy to provide feedback and suggest extracurricular activities to enhance students’ performance, during office hours or by email.

Distance learning students will have 24/7 access to e-learning platform where they can find video lessons, slides, textbooks, assessment test, tools (e.g. chats and forums) for interacting with tutors and other students.

All students will be allocated a personal tutor or academic advisor who will support you during your academic progression as well as your personal and professional development. Tutors are an invaluable source of information and represent a ‘port in the storm’ for students experiencing problems as varied as, for example, coping with a disability, physical illness, mental health issues, bereavement, financial problems, demotivation all of which can impact directly on your academic performance.

Your academic advisor will assist you by:

  • Ensuring students make the most of their time at NCIUL.
  • Assisting students to develop responsibility for their own academic progress.
  • Encouraging and assisting with reflection on progress to date.
  • Discussing any problems you might have, including personal problems.
  • Liaising with other members of academic and professional staff as appropriate.
  • Providing general information regarding examinations and attendance.