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ma international relations
Home » Courses » Postgraduate Degrees » MA International Relations

Programme Start Date
September 2020/ January 2021
Programme Duration
Full-time 1 year
Part-time 2 years
Application Deadline
September Intake: 24 August
January Intake: 7 December

UCAS – Institution’s Code

MA International Relations

In a world where thousands of nuclear weapons exist and more countries are trying to acquire them, where rising powers alter the global balance of power, where terrorist strikes come without warning, and thousands die each day from poverty caused by the way the international system operates, we need to know about and understand international relations.
The MA programme will expose students to specialist study in key aspects of contemporary world affairs and conflicts and to a wide variety of different theoretical and methodological approaches to international relations, conflict and security.
The programme will offer a solid basis for all students in their professional development, giving them a clear understanding of the career path they will choose. The contemporary and global focus in the curriculum will enhance their understanding of the world, and consequently gives them more work related opportunities.
More specifically it will ensure that students who specialise in IR will acquire a specific knowledge of politics and global affairs and that students who specialise in conflicts will acquire an advanced understanding of the historical, cultural, social and institutional context of the areas to be studied.
The programme is constantly updated to introduce new insights from the theory of conflict and innovative policy strategies as developed in the field by practitioners and scholars.
Learners will develop a range of cognitive, communication and social skills creating a learning environment that is receptive to the needs and views of students and encourages them to achieve their full potential. Students will work together in small groups on projects and will be aided by course assistants, teaching fellows, and faculty members in a collaborative and non-competitive working environment.
The programme is delivered by international academic staff with solid experience in their subject areas. All our core teaching faculty members are active researchers, attesting to the belief that the best pedagogy comes from the faculty actively engaged in knowledge production themselves.
Our MA programme is very flexible, so you can choose from two pathways depending on your interests. We offer a more traditional pathway in International Relations and a pathway in International Conflict and Security.


Why study MA International Relations at NCIUL ?


The MA International Relations is a one year program, which provides students with in depth, interdisciplinary knowledge of the issues and challenges that face foreign affairs. The structure of our MA ensures that students gain the expertise and training required for the choices of careers they make upon graduation.

The Programme has been designed with two distinctive features in mind: a more traditional programme in International Relations that is reflected in the choice of materials, case studies and topics analysed such as international law, development and poverty, economic aspects of globalisation and international security; and a programme in International Conflict & Security that gives our students a chance to apply theoretical knowledge to war and security studies, which focuses on the analysis of the causes and dynamics of violent conflict,  strategy, insurgencies and counterinsurgencies, the international governance of conflicts and the spaces where these take place.

Our MA International Relations promotes critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity with respect to international relations.

At NCIUL teaching is research-led, ensuring that what you learn will be cutting edge and at the heart of contemporary public debate. You will learn from specialists in areas and about topics such as strategy, democracy, imperialism, international law, insurgencies and counterinsurgencies, and Middle Eastern conflicts. That will enable you to acquire an advanced understanding of contemporary international issues as well as the theoretical, conceptual and methodological perspectives relating to the study of international relations and international conflict.

We are located in London, the global hub of international non-governmental organisations, international finance, and trans-Atlantic relations, which puts us at the heart of the UK’s political and business community and at the centre of academic London. This vibrant city will allow you to combine your studies with an interesting social and cultural life.