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Postgraduate Degrees
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Postgraduate Degrees

NCI University in London offers several Masters degree programmes. You can enrol in a master’s degree if you have obtained an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject. Admission to NCI University in London postgraduate degrees are based upon an assessment of an applicant’s suitability and potential. Previous study or work experience may count towards your qualification, under our Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfer system.

Why study a Masters degree with NCI University in London?

We recognise the value of a good education and the impact it has on your future. Employability in the modern global world, through the acquisition of soft and hard skills, is embedded in our teaching and learning experience. Search for postgraduate degrees and discover what our university and departments have to offer. NCI University in London‘s postgraduate degrees are ideal for all British and international students. Discover student tuition fee for postgraduate degrees here.

Our Postgraduate courses

What is a postgraduate degree? A master’s degree is a second-level qualification after you have completed an undergraduate degree. At NCI University in London, there are two main types of master’s degrees:

  • MA (Master of Arts) in a wide range of arts or humanities subjects.
  • MSc (Master of Science).

In detail we offer:

  • Master’s Degree in Global Management and Innovation: our MA in Global Management and Innovation is a one year programmes, focused on the modern challenges a global manager faces to innovate in business. Teaching is delivered via lectures and seminars, in distance learning or face-2-face.
  • Master’s Degree in International Relations: the MA in International Relations is a one year programmes, which provides students with in-depth, interdisciplinary knowledge of the issues and challenges that face foreign affairs.
  • Master’s Degree in Psychology: MSc in Psychology is a one year programmes, which provides students with in-depth, interdisciplinary knowledge of human behaviour. The structure of our MSc ensures that students gain the expertise and training required for the choices of careers they make upon graduation.

Discover our training offer in Postgraduate Degrees: 

Enrol now at NCI University in London and enjoy the many benefits of studying with us!

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