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How important is student orientation?

It is fundamental to create a connection between high school, universities and the world of work.

Over 50% of students say they have made a mistake in choosing the degree course at the time of enrollment.
The reason is that there is not a formative method to let students understand the importance of university orientation. Usually the opinions and advice of families’ or friends have more weight in what university a student will choose.

What is orientation?

The aim of the orientation is to provide a person with information and awareness necessary to help them acclimatize to university life. An orientation must be flexible and personalized, in relation to the specific needs of the person.

There are different tools to help you chose your university future.

There are several tools that are very helpful!

Have you ever tried psycho attitudinal tests? These tests are easily found on the internet and can help you find out your skills and predispositions.

Another good tip that will help you chose in a more conscious way are self-assessment tests, which show the skills on the chosen faculty to have more certainties of making a good choice.

Every student should make a decision respecting they own attitude and that let them feel comfortable.

A person who has been influenced or advised by family or has chosen to follow a friend will face greater risk of being dissatisfied, less at ease and motivated to continue and to strive to succeed.

University fairs are a precious opportunity to learn more about the world of universities.

At a fair you have the opportunity to compare the different faculties, study paths and universities.

Do not miss the chance to meet NCIUL at the next fair organized by SI-UK.

NCIUL will be attending the UK University Fair London at Royal Lancaster London Saturday 3rd November, 2018. It is an excellent way for you to meet and receive advice from our staff. It also provides an opportunity to collect information about our degree programmes, the scholarships available and other key pieces of information.
We hope to see you there!


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