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student council

Student Council

The NCIUL Students Council is an elected body representing all students. Representatives are elected democratically from all students’ constituencies and cohorts. Specific constituencies could be differentiated to ensure full equality and diversity of representation.
The Students Council will endeavour to ensure that student life and educational opportunities are valued and empowered.
It will assist with the enhancement of student life and provide support for students over a wide range of areas be it personal or social.
It will encourage international programmes, whilst providing a friendly atmosphere for incoming international students and promoting culture and clubs.
The Students Council elect representatives to NCIUL Boards and Committees.

The importance of Student Voice at NCIUL

Student feedback is extremely important and at the start of your year, we will ask for volunteers to be nominate themselves for election as a student representative. Student representatives ensure that the interests of students on the programme are represented and will attend a termly meeting with members of the Academic Board and Ethics Board. This is an opportunity for you to raise any concerns about the programme to NCIUL . Student representatives will also be responsible for feeding back to the other students the outcomes of any meetings or events they attend. 

If you are elected you will attend a training day, detailing your responsibilities. Being a student representative means you will develop transferable skills such as:


Being a good representative is about communicating with staff and students. You will find that your experiences of meetings and dealing with your constituents will improve your verbal and written language skills.


Many representatives play a proactive role in organising social events, second-hand book sales, student research presentations or open days.

Meeting skills

Attending meetings should give you experience of formal meeting structures with a Chair, Secretary, agenda and minutes and familiarise you with how business is processed.

Negotiation skills and conflict management

Your skills in these important areas will develop naturally through involvement in the system, as you help to resolve possible areas of disagreement and seek solutions to problems.

Time management

It is an important skill to be able to fit your student representative commitments around your degree. You will get used to setting objectives and priorities to ensure that you make the best use of your time.

Public speaking and confidence

It is possible that you will develop public speaking skills and become more confident, eg by making announcements in lectures to update students on the issues discussed at the Academic Board meeting.
We encourage students to nominate themselves as student representatives. It is a chance to get involved with something challenging, rewarding and exciting that can really help to enhance your time here, giving you an understanding of the way NCIUL  works and allows you to get to know a wide variety of people.
Students need a variety of voices and views to represent them, no experience is required and training is provided. Student representatives are an important part of making things better.

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