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student charter

Student Charter

As a Higher Education Institution, we will:
• Deliver excellent teaching and teaching activities informed by leading research.
• Ensure our employees treat students and colleagues with equity, respect, dignity and courtesy with consideration for their individual needs.
• Support students as they settle into their life at NCIUL and the wider community, ensuring a positive experience.
• Provide the facilities and study areas to support and enrich your learning experience within a campus environment that is safe and accessible.
• Ensure that you receive the support that you need, both within and outside of your studies through engagement with academic and personal tutors and student support services.
• Enhance your student experience by encouraging a culture of open conversations through which we will recognise and respond to feedback throughout the year.
• Enhance employability and personal skills by providing opportunities, support and resources.

As a student I will:
• Plan and organise my priorities in advance, to ensure I maintain a work/life/study balance.
• Treat all staff and your fellow students with respect, dignity and courtesy considering them as individuals, with different preferences and needs.
• Take responsibility for managing my own learning, by attending timetabled sessions, meetings with tutors, and maintaining regular self-study.
• Attend your induction sessions, participate in timetabled classes and attend meetings with your tutors and academic supervisors
• Submit work by the appropriate deadline and reflect on the feedback provided.
• Take advantage of institutional and extra-curricular activities for social and developmental gain and to boost employability.
• Give feedback about your learning experience, including through surveys, the course representative system and the National Student Survey.
• Behave respectfully to all staff and students in the physical and virtual environments, NC IUL has a zero tolerance for all forms of bullying and harassment.
• Ensure that you make arrangements with the Institution for the prompt payment of any charges made to you when requested.
• Raise any concerns at the earliest opportunity to facilitate any support in being timely and appropriate.
• Ensure that you understand and observe a high standard of academic integrity.