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placement opportunities
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Careers & Placement Opportunities

Whilst studying at NCIUL  it is important to start thinking about your future career. Career advice and guidance provided by the institution is available to all the students. You can approach lecturers, tutors and the student support service for guidance.

Employability and Careers Centre

Internship, placement and/or work experience are encouraged and supported by the Student Office, which provides information, guidance and practical help to students in finding the right work experience, during or after the completion of their studies.
On your course, speakers and influential professionals from other countries and from a range of industries will be invited to lectures, seminars and workshops to explain the practical details their job, and coach students with a specific interest in that area.
There will also be a series of workshops designed to give students necessary information and career advice throughout their studies at NCIUL. This includes discipline specific career workshops, and CV writing sessions. We can help students to find a part-time job or a paid internship to receive valuable work experience and to supplement their income. Our career hub advertises various part-time and internship-type vacancies in different business sectors.

International students are responsible for checking their employment status before applying for a job though the Student Office will help in clarifying the employment status to the international students.

NCIUL Placement and Internship Handbook

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