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Parent and guardian information


The decision to start University is an important one, life changing and formative for both the student and their parent or guardian.

This page details some of the resources that the NCI University in London offers to explain more about visiting campus, funding university study, keeping in touch and  support services.

Getting to Know the Campus

NCI University in London offer a number of different ways for you to visit the campus, and each will provide an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about study at NCI University in London

  • Open Days – Our Open Days are the perfect chance for you to experience all that NCI University in London has to offer. You will be able to visit specific departments, go on a campus tour and see student accommodation
  • Walk, Talk and Show – These offer a great overview of the University, consisting of an overview presentation and campus tour with current students.
  • One 2 One – You are welcome to visit the campus at any time to have a look around, there is no need to book although pre-arranging will ensure a member of staff is available to discuss any matters, answer questions and give a tour of the campus.
Finding NCI University in London

NCI University in London is conveniently located in the Docklands area of London, with our campus based in the Northern Shell Tower. The campus has close transport links, and is based within 2 minutes’ walk from Crossharbour DLR station.

Keeping in Touch with the University

The staff at NCI University in London provide a set of webpages aimed at helping parents and guardians to familiarise themselves with the University. You are able to sign up to receive newsletters about the University, and also find out more about the individual faculties, events and opportunities. Please visit our events page:

Fees and Funding University study

You can find out more information about funding all levels of University study on our Student Funding webpage. Should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact the team via email:  or telephone: +44 (0)20 3846 1730

Scholarships, Bursaries and Discounts

NCI University in London offers every year scholarships and bursaries to its students, to help them effectively manage their finances while studying. These include:

  • Care Leavers’ Scholarship
  • Get There Scholarship
  • Study Abroad Scholarship
  • International Scholarship
  • “Made in Italy” Scholarship
  • NC IUL Scholarship for Excellence
  • The Rookie Athlete Scholarship
  • Elite Athlete Scholarship
  • Student Achievement Reward (Scientific Bursary)
  • Alumni Loyalty Discounts
  • Distance Learning Full Fee Instalment Incentive
  • Distance Learning Merit Scholarship
  • Family Loyalty Discount
  • Business School UK/EU Excellence Scholarships
  • Women in Business Postgraduate Scholarships

Some scholarships and bursaries are automatically applied to each student in a specific Faculty, while others require the student to apply for them. Information on scholarships and bursaries is available at here. Please visit the University’s website for information on how to apply, procedures and availability.

Support services

NCI University in London is committed to providing a supportive and positive environment for all members of its community. However, we recognise that there will be times in everybody’s University life when things do not go as well as you would wish. In times like these, you can be safe in the knowledge that there is a comprehensive support and a structure available to help with all kinds of different problems.

Information on these services is available here or contact

How will I know how my child is doing academically?

The only way to find out how your child is doing academically is to ask them.  UK universities are not permitted to release information about academic progress, attendance or anything else to any third party without that student’s express consent, and this includes parents. Examination results are issued regularly to every student on a taught course – usually after the end of each semester. University work is challenging and even A* students can receive poor grades at first while they are adjusting.


At NCI University in London, every student is allocated a personal tutor, who will be available to discuss academic or personal concerns on a one-to-one basis, and will, should be consent given from the student, be willing to discuss progress with a parent or guardian.

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