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Finding money on the street can seem like a stroke of luck. Is it really?

Several studies have tried to understand if luck really exists or if what happens to us is not the result of a positive or negative attitude towards us, towards the future and towards the world. Here are the results of the latest studies.

How to become lucky?

You have been blindfolded and you are playing a game. You have just made a mistake of letting in 4 goals, so you hope very much, in fact you are almost convinced, that at the next launch your stick will hit the right place!


The odds remain 50/50, like all other times.This is called “the gambler’s mistake” and, according to a study published earlier this month that it is our brain fault.

Our brain drives us to face uncertainty in the real world.

Otherwise if you make the basket twice in a row, you have a 57% chance to make the center again. If instead you fail twice in a row, you are only 40% likely to make the third basket.

Why? According to a study published last year, people are afraid to challenge fate.
So when you win twice in a row, the third round you will also be more focused to make the basket, compared to the two previous times.

If you make the basket twice automatically, this take more security in yourself and you will do right even with the third. On the contrary, if you have missed the first two, you will become less secure and you will be wrong.

The superstitious gestures really work!

Crossing fingers, touching iron, knocking on wood and other superstitious gestures could work.

In a 2010 game, a team of golfers who were told they were using a “lucky ball” went better than those who had not been told anything.

Why?  Knowing that you have a kind of super-power or amulet brings good luck. It helps you to do better, even if you do not believe it. Knowing that you have someone who helps them, helps people in need to do better on their own.

The Recipe for Luck

What can you do to be more lucky?

When you think back to a casual meeting (an old friend or find a missing object) don’t you have the impression that it has changed your life for the better?

However, these contingencies are random and can not be controlled, but if your attitude is positive, towards yourself and others, and if you change routines occasionally … well … you can put your amulets aside, this is the only thing that brings good luck!

Can you become more fortunate? Yes!

We are not talking about superstitious rites or magic formulas but of psychology.

Be optimistic is the first rule!!