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Have you just arrived in the UK and cannot wait to enjoy London most famous attractions?
Read this guide of the must see in London!

London attractions: from Westminster to Trafalgar Square.

You can begin your London attractions tour with a visit to Westminster. Once you are at Westminster Station, the first thing to see when exiting the station is the famous Palace of Westminster or the Houses of Parliament, the seat of Parliament for the United Kingdom.

Obviously the Clock Tower is one of the most famous London attractions ever! Also known as Elizabeth Tower or simply Big Ben!
Maybe you do not know that Big Ben is not the bell tower but the name of the main bell of the clock.

Keep on walking and you will come across the majestic Westminster Abbey, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
Crossing Parliament Square continue along Whitehall you will arrive in Trafalgar Square!
Once in the square take your time to visit the National Gallery one of the most important London attractions.
The gallery hosts glorious paintings like the “Nymphs” of Monet, the “Girasoli” by Van Gogh and Leonardo’s “Vergine delle Rocce”.
In the square, you can enjoy the four bronze lions that seem to guard Nelson’s Column.
The impressive 30-meter column is dedicated to Lord Nelson, which celebrates the victory of the Battle of Trafalgar.

London attractions: Discovering Chinatown and Soho

Go to Irving Street, a small road that will lead you to Leicester Square Gardens. Crossing the gardens you will be ready to explore Soho. Enjoy the beautiful Chinese red portal that is Gerrard Street, Chinatown’s main street. The area is easily recognizable because of the red Chinese lanterns suspended between the buildings. You will find oriental mini-markets and Chinese restaurants.
After visiting Chinatown, move towards Frith Street, easily reachable by crossing Shaftesbury Avenue. This area of Soho is famous for its history, venues and atmosphere!
Explore the neighbourhood and browse the many boutiques it has to offer.

London attractions: Shopping! Changing of the Guard, Harrods and museums!

Where to shop if not in the famous Carnaby Street?
It is the creative hub for music and resplendent with street style fashion, cult lifestyle brands and exciting places to eat after a day of shopping. Getting there from Soho Square is very simple and you will find many British brand stores.

Another must for London is The Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, it takes place at 11:00am. If you want to ensure a good view, you should arrive in front of the gates by 10:30.

After the Changing of the Guard you can visit the department store Harrods, absolutely one of the most famous London attractions.
After visiting Harrods, walk to Hyde Park and stop for lunch, surrounded by greenery and tranquillity. You will be near South Kensington, one of the areas symbolic for the English aristocracy, it is also where you can find three of London’s biggest and best museums! Science Museum, Natural History Museum and Victoria & Albert Museum.

London Attractions: Convent Garden, Tower of London and Borough Market

Covent Garden host’s 30 million visitors each year, do not miss the Apple Market or the covered craft market located in the centre of the square. Throughout the day, talented street performers perform in the Square, involving the hundreds of visitors who are passing by. There you will find lots of bars, pubs and restaurants.

Tower of London is definitely one of the most visited attraction in London. Every year over 2 million visitors descend to view the Crown Jewels and the 21 towers that make up the structure.
Next to the Tower of London is the famous Tower Bridge. Where you can cross the bridge to reach the opposite bank of the Thames for a pleasant walk along the South Bank, towards London Bridge!
Once you have arrived at London Bridge why not stop in the area to rest and maybe grab a bite to eat. If it’s market day, you should visit Borough Market, London’s most important food market!

London Attractions: breathtaking views!

St Paul’s Cathedral or London Eye? After visiting the Tate Modern you have two possibility:

  1. Visit St. Paul’s Cathedral, one of the most interesting architectures of English Baroque. Do not miss the opportunity to climb to the Golden Gallery of St Paul’s Cathedral for an incredible view of London.
  2. Continue along South Bank, until you arrive at the London Eye, the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe. Getting on the London Eye is an incredible experience, as you can admire London from a unique perspective. Cabins rise up to 135 meters above the ground and the breathtaking views is undoubtedly exciting. From the London Eye, on a clear day, you get to see Windsor Castle!


These are just the main London attractions. The city has so much more to offer and to discover day after day!