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Who among us has never been in the situation of having to write a formal email?
It often happens that we have to interact with companies or people in a formal way.
Sometimes a quick electronic message can save the day: in a few seconds you can communicate with anyone who has an email account, and maybe even send them your CV, even if it’s on the other side of the world!
Below you will find simple guidelines that will help you write the perfect email to avoid any mistakes!

Rules for writing the perfect formal email
1- Very often companies have a single reference email address to write to. To start you must indicate to whom your email is addressed. The perfect phrase to use to specify this is: To whom it may concern!
2- The subject of the email must be explanatory! Write something obvious that get the right attention.
3- If you are writing to someone who does not know you, do not forget to introduce yourself!
4- If you are responding to an email you have received you should start with “I am writing in response to …” and report the subject of the email you are responding to.
5- It is very important that from the first line of the email the motivation for which you are writing is clear, so it is right to start with phrases like: “I am writing to enquire about … writing to complain about …”
6- To give an even more formal tone try to be synthetic and precise. So always try to make all your sentences short and structurally simple.
7- Never forget to check the grammar. A grammatical error can cost you a lot!! Watch out.
8- Read the email more than once and try to identify yourself with the reader, is it explanatory enough? Do you understand your intention?
9- Do not write sensitive information in the email!
10- Remember to include any attachments. If you need to include attachments, be sure to mention them in the body of the email to inform the recipient that they are included and what they are for.

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