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Have not you received your letter from Hogwarts yet? No problem!

Here is some good news for all Harry Potter lovers.

There is a bar that makes you fly directly to the most desired magic school in the world.

The Harry Potter Pub is a daydream!

As soon as you cross the threshold the magic begins. Each person is given a magician’s tunic and a magic wand. With just a simple touch a person can activate a beer stapler or change the colour of a cocktail. By consulting ancient books of magic you can create a real potion in a cauldron, which thanks to the magical ingredients begins to smoke.

Harry Potter Pub in London!

A pub to visit in London? The brand new The Cauldron is the place to visit, but only if you are magicians and not a Muggle. A real must for all the fans of the character, born of the imagination of J.K. Rowling, you will find a corner of Hogwarts in central London.

Once inside, visitors receive a magic wand with touch sensors that can be used inside for various reasons. Visitors can light a fire, turn lights on and off, pour a beer, change the colour of a cocktail and release smoke out of a cauldron. As well as the wand, every magician will also receive a real black hooded robe and a book containing potions.

The Harry Potter Pub reproduces the magical atmosphere of Harry Potter with dishes inspired by the novel such as tartlets, cocktails named according to the various potions and special ingredients taken from the saga.

Once you have visited the trolley at platform 9 ¾ in King’s Cross Station, why not during your stay in London experience the Cauldron Pub. It’s not magic, its reality!

Inside the restaurant, lovers of the saga can admire photographs and holograms, special effects and immerse themselves in the magic of Harry Potter.

The Cauldron will offer a magical environment in every sense.

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