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Do you have good leadership skills? Strength, patience, vision, but also generosity, integrity and passion. These are some of many traits found among good leaders.

Steve Jobs said:

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

Do you want to develop good leadership skills?  Go on reading!

7 good leadership skills to improve!

  1. Innovation

Referring back to Steve Jobs’ quote, we can place innovation first in the ranking of good leadership skills. This skill is fundamental to success and also the ability to survive in business. Innovating, with practice, behaviours or technology, will enable you to have the skillset to face new challenges.

  1. Responsibility

It is easier to blame another person than to take responsibility. Only if you take responsibility for the actions of your collaborators and yourself, can you be considered a true leader.

  1. Ability to listen

To develop good leadership skills you must have a sincere relationship with those who work for you. Only through dialogue and especially active listening, will you be able to succeed in motivating those around you.

  1. Ability to enthuse your collaborators

You have to love what you do, almost to the point of being obsessed with it, always looking to make something bigger, better and seeking improvements.

  1. Credibility

If you want to be truly credible and keep your leadership firm, you must bridge the areas where you are theoretically and technically unprepared. That is why to improve good leadership skills, it is important to never stop learning. Another way to inspire confidence in your team is to be honest and transparent. You have to be self-confident and pass on the same trust to the people you lead.

  1. Set clear goals

Being a leader means having clear targets and goals to achieve within the team.  A true leader does not let themselves be distracted by minor issues, but focuses on the important things and organises the team to best manage projects. A leader is convinced of their ideas; only starting a project when it is sure to succeed, because the leader knows the potential of their team.

  1. Deserve “decision-making” power

In the list of good leadership skills, there is the ability to take important decisions. The right decision must happen at the right time. A good leader is able to judge timing and foresees the consequences of mistiming decisions and is able to minimise the negative effects of these.

What kind of University Faculty can develop good leadership skills?

Examples of university courses enabling you to play a leading role are BA (Hons) in Global Management and International Business and BSc (Hons) in Psychology.

Global Management and International Business gives you the skills necessary to understand business dynamics and to manage the growth of a business and yourself as a leader.

On the other hand, Psychology is perfect if you are interested in a career in the field of human resources. Understanding business psychology will be part of good leadership skills, enabling to better manage employees and their professional growth.


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