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Exam stress is a serious problem that afflicts many university students.
If you’ve ever suffered from it, you know just how much it can influence your university performance. Feeling slightly anxious on the day of the exam is definitely a legitimate feeling. However when your exam stress starts affecting your daily life, it is time to do something about it.

Thankfully, there are plenty of tips to help you to deal with it!

6 Ways to deal with Exam stress

It is important to focus on the problem at hand and contextualize it. Imagine what would be the worst thing that could happen to you. Could it be getting a lower grade than what you expected? Or do you fear not being able to answer any questions? Whatever the case, just remember it is not a tragedy! Therefore, our first tip is:

  1. Study thoroughly and do a final review with your classmates. Feeling unprepared leads us to experience exam stress. Here is what to do before an exam: review all your class notes at least 2 weeks before the exam and schedule appointments with your lecturers to get advice on the specific topics. Ask your peers for advice and study in group with them. This will make you feel more confident.
  2. Take Advantage from your Exam Stress. Do sports and enjoy yourself! When you train, your body releases endorphins and this will relieve your exam stress.
  3. Try to rest and sleep. Sleep is essential for your body. Sleeping the right amount of hours will allow you to better understand the information and it will be easier for you to study. Tiredness, poor nutrition and stimulants do not enhance intellectual performance.
  4. We are what we eat, so consuming large quantities of caffeine and sugar won’t help! Energy drinks and strong coffee provide an energy rush or ‘high’, followed by a ‘crash’. Neither state is advisable during an examination where you will need to maintain a steady level of concentration for around 2-3 hours.
  5. Set up a good schedule and a time-line for your goals. It will be easier for you to get organized once you have a clear idea of  all your goals. You can divide the exam topics into sessions and give yourself the time to study each session. This technique will allow you to become aware of your level of preparation, while alleviating your exam stress.
  6. Your mind has all the power, remember that!The more time you spend thinking about the day of your exam, the more exam stress you will experience.  A little stress may help you to achieve your goals and to overcome your problem, but if the panic is too much to bear, the opposite effect will occur. Do not let the stress influence your mood and your happy place.


Try to follow these tips and you will see that your stress will surely decrease!

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