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Are you thinking about doing a distance degree programme, but you don’t know where to start?

Taking a degree online is the ideal solution to study from the comfort of your home, whenever you want. This system allows you to learn according to your times, organising your day and even combining a possible professional activity.

Obtaining a degree is your dream, but you have not found the right way for you yet?

Now let’s see how a distance learning works in detail.

The online university is the perfect solution to study when you want, taking advantage of an innovative and up-to-date technology.

Thanks to the advent of new technologies, studying online from home is possible. The online University offers the possibility to follow the lessons at any time, using a specially created e-learning platform.

The advantages of distance learning are vast and become even more interesting if you think of all the opportunities to be grasped, plus being able to better organise your time.

The main pro of Distance Learning

We summarise here the main pro of the online study:

  • Ability to follow the lessons with maximum flexibility, choosing the times you prefer: the platform for delivery of lessons is active 24 hours a day and, therefore, you can see lessons both day and night;
  • Opportunity to review the lessons at any time, in order to clarify your ideas;
  • Material always accessible and available online, downloadable in formats readable by any type of support;
  • Economic and ecological savings: a large part of the material you need to study is provided by the same University in digital form;
  • Active support thanks to the figure of the tutor, a professional who supports you throughout your academic career;
  • Study delivery mode that allows you to amortise many expenses, such as accommodation for the university outside the city and the cost of transport.

You have the opportunity to follow lessons, study the materials provided by the professors, take exams and, of course, graduate obtaining a 100% valid title and comparable to the titles of any other university.

What changes is how the lessons are used: there is the possibility to follow the lessons by connecting to a special online platform, where all the teaching materials are available 24 hours a day.