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The modern world, so global and dynamic, expresses itself in social media and in some of their hashtags. Keywords like leadership, innovation, change and digital transformation, are pretty much basic knowledge for everyone, regardless of their managerial background.

When thinking of the most required skills in modern jobs, the majority of such employability skills concern the individual’s emotional capabilities and ability to work in group. The higher up the job, the more employers are looking for leadership traits, emotional intelligence and positive attitude towards learning, on top of the required technical knowledge.

You can read about the importance of mindfulness and self-awareness of the world around you in so many different contexts, that it is easy to ask yourself questions about who a leader really is, and how you can become one. Some would say that leaders are those with power, others might tend to highlight their charismatic component. Emotional intelligence comes into play, as the ability to recognise your own emotions, control them, and then manage others’ expectations empathetically.

These skills are not easy ones to master, and cannot be taught in a traditional, academic way. Programmes in Business Schools alike tend to give more emphasis on group work, as well as using real companies to enhance students’ understanding on how to apply theories to the real managerial world. However, living your life fully, while experimenting with things that might not have anything to do with your future career, is what makes you you.

There is a certain misconception about what a CV should look like, if you want to land a specific position in a company – or if you are looking to be accepted in one of the world’s most famous universities. Nowadays, innovative companies such as Google, Apple and Facebook, are looking for people that stand out form the crowd, who chase creativity and work well in all sorts of flexible and smart environments. So it is perfectly ok to be confused, maybe disruptive in a positive way.

If you have ever wondered what to do with your life, rest assured you are not alone. At NCIUL Faculty of Business and Management, you don’t need to choose. Global, dynamic, practice-based, cutting-edge education to form the managers of the future. Our classes are small in size to allow you to learn the latest theories in business and management studies, which you will then be able to implement during group assignments and simulation projects. If you are interested in placement, our Faculty can facilitate you in finding the perfect opportunities, in line with your interests. Hope to see you there!

So what are you waiting for? Have a look here !