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For many, Spotify is the recommended source for everything related to music. On Spotify you can find any song you have in mind: the latest hits, the soundtracks to your favourite movies and even the torment of a few years ago now forgotten.

Spotify offers interesting options to users thanks to the sophisticated satisfaction algorithms that it uses.

Dozens of music specialists work there, who daily invent podcast, editorial content and playlists thematic. We would like to concentrate on these, to give you an overview of the best available online.

Definitely the biggest comfort of the App are Playlists! If you find the right one, you can relax for hours and let yourself be lulled by music. The best Spotify playlists are the one you would never change, with different music style in a good sequence. But a good Playlist can be hard to find. You can create your own, but it will take a lot of time and effort.

Sometimes you just don’t want to choose your music because you find more pleasant to discover it.

Which are considered the best Spotify Playlists?

 Best Spotify Playlists: Homemade Dynamite


Let’s start with one of the most followed: Homemade Dynamite, edited directly by Lorde. The New Zealand singer-songwriter has collected so far about eighty pieces, with a rather evident preference for female vocalists.  There is a heterogeneity of genres, and so it goes from Kendrick Lamar to Kurt Vile. In short, life will not do it, but offers a nice insight into the musical references of twenty-two.

 Best Spotify Playlists: Rivers Cuomo Playlists

Rivers Cuomo created 27 playlists starting from 1980. Entitled What Rivers listened to in, offering a personal insight into the evolution of rock from the eighties (Abba and Kiss) to 2014 (the year that offers much less monotonous plays). Rivers did not limit himself to these annual selections: our attention is immediately captured by My shazam tracks – which is perhaps the most interesting because it offers a real glimpse of what attracts your attention.

 Best Spotify Playlists: New Music Friday

One of the best Spotify playlists is also one of the most eclectic. This playlist is perfect for those who want to discover new tracks every week. The playlist is updated with new releases every Friday.