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Food has always influenced our daily life. If assumed properly following a specific diet, it only brings benefits to our metabolism and to our outward and inner appearance. In the last twenty years, many scholars have dealt with the so called psychology of food. Eating has taken on a different meaning, it is not only our main source of sustenance, it is also an expression of symbolic, affective and relational meanings. Recently there has been a lot of talk about which are the best brain food.

Healthy eating has many benefits as preventing diseases and improving physiological wellbeing. There is a close interconnection between food and mind.

That is why you should carefully choose best brain food!

Which is the best brain food? Here’s a list for you!

Broccoli: How many times have they told us that they are the best brain food ever? It’s true! Very useful to strengthen the memory, broccoli are perfect for concentration. They also help during pregnancy, given the excellent presence of folic acid.

Chocolate: Good news for your sweet tooth! Chocolate fights against cognitive decline thanks to its very rich presence of flavonols. Regular consumption of dark chocolate, with cocoa percentages above 70%, can help you stay active and promote learning.

Green tea: very rich in antioxidants, it fights free radicals and helps your brain and body to stay young.

Avocado: thanks to the rich presence of monounsaturated fats, essential for controlling the blood circulation of the brain, avocado is one of the best brain food. Being rich in calcium and potassium, it is very useful for the health of your hair, eyes and brain.

Walnuts: they provide us with good sources of omega-3 and contain vitamin E. These reasons make Walnuts one of the best brain food.  Walnuts are ideal as snack food when you are studying!

Fish: especially mackerel and sardine, fish is the food that contains more omega-3. These fatty acids help the brain to remain young and reactive. Fish has a powerful anti-inflammatory action and reduce the level of cholesterol. Definitely in the list of best brain food!


Now, you just have to cook delicious dishes and enjoy the benefits!

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