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mission nc iul
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Mission NCIUL


NCIUL aims to foster knowledge creation and sharing, in a globally aware environment that promotes work-based lifelong learning experiences.

We offer a unique blend of teaching and learning methods that combine personal development, strong community links, world-class academic knowledge, cutting-edge practice, global leadership and teamwork.

In terms of knowledge creation, we aim to contribute to the latest research; by considering traditional concepts too, we can foster critical analysis skills and evaluate and explore the best ways to adapt, create, share and disseminate new knowledge. We aspire to put to good use our intellectual resources, harnessing the talents of our academic staff in all Faculties while implementing cutting-edge departmental research.

We offer a wide range of digital and traditional teaching and learning opportunities, to offer personalised learning experiences that take into account individual learning styles and preferences and offer a truly engaging learning experience.

NCIUL is a community that builds successful leaders and global citizens, made up of students, staff, partners and stakeholders. We recognise that the success of one of us is the success of all of us. Therefore, we promote individual excellence as a foundation for NCIUL development.

We are a genuinely global institution, which means that we foster global knowledge in a global environment for global citizens. Our global focus is embedded in everything we do and offer, from the opportunity to study abroad, to the design of programmes and modules.

NCIUL recognises the vital importance of practical application, and fosters close relationships between our world-class faculties, industries and other professions. Whatever the level of study, we practise methods aimed at providing students with practical knowledge, employability and transferable skills that enable them to apply knowledge directly to a work environment.