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About NCI University in London


NCI University in London is an exciting university that offers outstanding online and face to face university programmes, designed to help you develop important sets of skills, while enhancing employability in the real world through a global research and problem-based approach.

In our modern world, where time has to be micromanaged and learning opportunities are everywhere, NCI University in London recognises its students’ need to choose the pace, place and mode of delivery, and tailor made its programmes to support you in becoming an independent and righteous global citizen.

Our international network expands your possibility to deepen your understanding of other cultures, while adding to the invaluable knowledge you will gain during your time with us.

Discover here why we are different!

Why choose NCI University in London
  1. International Network: our student and staff can benefit from accessing our international network, within campuses in Italy, France and Spain. Whether our students are interested in deepening their knowledge through contacts with our international staff (e.g., for Dissertation or other research projects), or in being part in a non-compulsory placement and internship opportunities during their studies or once they have graduated, they can count on NCI University in London’s international network to achieve their goals. In the next three years, NCI University in London also plans to validate joint and/or double degrees with The Open University, to expand students’ opportunities in international mobility.
  2. Continental academic tradition mixed to the UK HE innovation: our students can benefit from the rigorous continental academic tradition, made of consistent curricula and materials to study, mixed with the more innovative trends in teaching and learning usually used in the UK Higher Education sector. As an example, our distance learners will benefit from a consistent number of pre-recorded lectures, which work as a flipped classroom exercise for their participation to live online seminars and focus groups. This method ensures student’s engagement in learning, as well as progression rates and the benefits from peer assessment and group work.
  3. Low Student to Academic Staff ratio: our Staff recruitment strategy guarantees a 15:1 Student to Academic Staff Ratio for our Undergraduate programmes, and a 10:1 Student to Academic Staff Ratio for our Postgraduate programmes. Thus, our students can benefit from small class sizes and personalised attention from their lecturers (e.g., timely feedback and more possibilities for discussing improvement and additional support).
  4. Personal Tutors: our students can get access to personal tutors in the London Campus, plus the multi-lingual staff in our call centre are available to help either over the phone or via email.
  5. International Internship opportunities: internship and placement opportunities at NCI University in London are not compulsory and NCI University in London only facilitates those students interested in joining the programme, whether during the summer, while doing their Business Research Project or once graduated. Among other options, our students can contact specialised recruitment agencies that work in partner with NCI University in London or be part of internship and placement projects organised by partner universities in many different European countries.

NCI University in London is accredited by ASIC, an independent, government approved accreditation body specialising in the accreditation of schools, colleges, universities, training organisations and online and distance education providers, both in the UK and overseas.
For more information on ASIC and its accreditation process, visit 


NCI University in London is a partner institution of The Open University.

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